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Home Inspirations

6 Inviting Door Paint Colours

My front door has seen better days!  It’s time to paint the front door for a fresh and inviting look.  While it’s still the middle of summer and I can’t tackle this project until cooler days arrive, at least I can search for that new favourite paint colour. The current brown coloured paint is a few years old and looks weathered and drab.  There are so many colours to choose from, how can I decide?  Do I go traditional with a red or black door?  Or do I do something different like yellow, light blue or purple?  Here are 6 front door colours that have caught my eye.  What do you think?

Traditional Door Paint Colours

dark painted front door, BM Wrought Iron (Timeless Paper)


This is Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore.  It’s a neutral but it’s bold and really creates an impressive style for your front door.

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Biz Tips

8 Tips to Reach Your Freelancing Goals

When starting your business, big or small, you begin with a vision.  You understand what service, information or product you will offer your customers or target audience. However, to realize your vision you must set clear and specific goals. This is particularly important for freelancers and self-entrepreneurs trying to work on their own and achieve independent success.  These 8 tips to reach your freelancing goals will help you be successful as a self-employed entrepreneur.

8 Tips to Reach Your Freelancing Goals

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DIY Projects

How To Make A DIY Purse Hanger

I love crafty DIY projects that I can do to add décor and personality to my home.  Recently, I did a closet makeover because well…it was atrociously disorganized.  Somehow I always seem to struggle to keep everything organized and designating areas for certain items.  Where can I store my scarves, out of season clothing, jewelry, purses?  It’s endless!  Unfortunately, I don’t have a massively large closet, so I have to be very creative in finding storage solutions for all of my different items, and let’s not forget… my husband’s things too!  I also still want to create a space that is pretty and stylish.

how to make a diy purse hanger

So today I want to share a quick DIY project that I put together as a stylish way to store my purses.  After searching Pinterest, I found endless beautiful drawer pull purse hangers that I thought I could easily and affordably duplicate the look.

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3 Easy DIY Cocktails When Entertaining

When entertaining a few friends or a large group of people, I always like to create a signature cocktail to offer my guests.  A special cocktail adds a personal touch to your entertaining.  These 3 easy DIY cocktails are so quick to make and so yummy to drink.

3 easy diy cocktails

I always try to keep my entertaining as simple as possible so that I’m not stressed out and can truly enjoy my time with my family and friends.  So I try to make cocktails with a few basic ingredients that I usually have at home or can quickly pick up from the grocery store.  I’m not a big drinker or drink often at all, but I do try to keep a very basic bar stocked.  I usually have some wines ready to open.  Other than that, I try to keep handy some vodka, rum, Grand Marnier, a cream liquor (right now I have Forty Creek Cream Liquor).  Then all I need to do is just add a few other ingredients like some ginger ale, club soda and a few fruit juices, and there you have it…a great signature DIY cocktail for my guests!  For your next get together, try these quick to make cocktails.

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Home Inspirations

7 Dining Room Decorating Must Dos

My dining room is an on-going work in progress.  It’s situated in the front part of my house and everyone walks past it so I really want the room to look it’s best.  Yet at the same time, I really want to be budget conscious as I work on decorating this space.  I need to keep in mind that while it is situated in a prominent location in the house, in reality, it’s a space that is not often used so I don’t want to spend a lot on decorating it. So where better to go to find inspiration?  Yes…Pinterest!  As I’ve been pinning away, finding my favourite dining room looks, I realized that there are 7 tips that need to be followed when decorating a stylish dining room for your home.

7 dining room must do's

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