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10 Tips to Become a Successful Solopreneur

10 tips to become a successful solopreneur

Ever wonder what it takes to start as a solopreneur? An individual who desires to start their own business and manage all aspects of it on their own?  What steps do you need to take to start your business and become a solopreneur?  Well, to get started use these 10 tips to become a successful solopreneur.

Reach your entrepreneurial goals one step at a time using these effective tips.

  1. Passion

Do you have a hobby or past-time that you are incredibly passionate about?  For me, I’m a life-long learner and teacher.  I love learning and researching new information and showing others how to apply new ideas to their work.  So, having a passion, something you can spend hours focusing on is key to becoming a solopreneur.

Why not take your passion and turn it into a business where you can provide service or solutions for others?

  1. Education and Research

Now, once you’ve identified an area or niche that you want to develop, take time to educate yourself and do research in your focus area.  Therefore, this means as a solopreneur, you need to set time aside to learn everything about your business and customers.  You will need to be open and ready to develop your skills or learn something new.

  1. Vision

Any successful solopreneur will tell you how important it is to have a strong vision or mission for your business.  When considering your business niche, ask yourself what service do you provide or problem do you solve for your customer?  What is your unique perspective that you offer for your potential customer?

  1. Platform

The next step to developing your solopreneur goals is to decide on the type of platform that you want to use to promote your business.  Do you envision a storefront or office approach for your business?  Do you prefer an online platform like a blog or website?  What social media platforms will you rely on?  To answer this, you need to know who your target audience is and what is the best method to reach them.

  1. Goal Setting

To make your vision a reality you will need to intentionally set our specific goals for your business.  So, consider what your short-term and long-term goals are.  What do you need to do and hope to accomplish in 1 month, 6 months, 1 year or a couple of years?  Be specific!  What do you need to learn?  What resources do you need to move forward?  How much time and money will you need to dedicate at the different stages of your business development?

  1. Mindset

Do you have a positive mindset to become a solopreneur?  You need to answer this question for yourself.  How do you handle challenges, disappointments or negative responses from others?  If you easily become unmotivated or distracted from your goals when things get hard, then becoming an entrepreneur may not be the right choice for you.  Success for most of us will not happen overnight!  You will need to find ways to keep yourself focused on your goals and motivated.

  1. Connecting

Once you decide on the right platform for your business, you will then need to be very strategic about how you will connect with your customers.  Social media today is key and probably unavoidable.  Again, go back to considering where your clients hang out?  How can your message reach them the best?  How will you plan for networking and connecting with your audience consistently?

  1. Networking

As a solopreneur, you will want to dedicate time to networking with other experts in your field or individuals who you can rely on for areas of your business that are not your strengths.  It’s crucial to have relationships with like-minded people experiencing the same struggles and of course successes as you.  This is your tribe!  You will learn from each other, motivate each other and always support one another when no one else in your world may.  So, are you interested in networking and building relationships?

  1. Self-Starter

A key difference between a solopreneur and an entrepreneur is that a solopreneur develops, operates and manages all aspects of his/her business on their own.  An individual usually chooses to be a solopreneur intentionally because creating a specific lifestyle for themselves is a priority.  Usually, this person is not satisfied living and working in a 9-5 world, and desires to create a much more flexible personal versus work life for themselves.

Therefore, to be a successful solopreneur, are you a self-starter?  Can you motivate yourself, be organized and be self- accountable to achieve your business goals and manage all aspects of running a business on your own?

  1. Ready to Make Sacrifices

Finally, any solopreneur who has achieved some degree of success with their business will say that success did not come without sacrifice.  A solopreneur controls all aspects of their business.  This means that countless hours need to be dedicated to develop the business.  How will you manage this?  If you are starting as a solopreneur while still working your 9-5 job, how will you fit in all of your commitments?  What sacrifices will you need to make?


While I’m working my 9-5 job, I’m thrilled to take on this challenge to become a solopreneur.  I’m willing to accept the sacrifices that I need to make to move my business goals forward.  Slow and steady!

What do you need to achieve your solopreneur business goals?

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