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2 Proven Steps to Accomplish Your To-Do List

2 steps to accomplish your to-do list

Do you ever wonder how to fully accomplish your to do list?  Do you keep adding to your list but struggle to cross completed items off?

Talk about frustrating!

To stay motivated and feel productive, it is essential to be able to accomplish set goals and eliminate tasks from that ever-long list.

So, here are 2 proven steps to accomplish your to-do list today.


How to Accomplish Your To-Do List:

But first, it is important to understand that with a lot of intention and a little practice, you can learn how to improve your productivity by efficiently using your to-do list.   As a solopreneur, a to-do list is an essential organizing strategy that can help anyone achieve specific goals.  First, take 10-15 minutes each evening to brainstorm a list of tasks and projects that you want to work on for your business.  Next, prioritize these tasks by asking yourself:

  • What is most urgent to complete?
  • Are there any hard deadlines that need to be met for a specific task?
  • Does completing one task affect your ability to complete another task on your list?


Batch Tasks:

Once you have prioritized your tasks on your to-do list, you can than move towards batching tasks.  There is no way you can efficiently complete all items at any given time.  So, to be super-efficient you will select 2-3 tasks or projects that can be grouped together and worked on at the same time.  For instance, when preparing your weekly blog posts for your blog, combine common tasks together.

This means that you may draft all of your posts at one time and do all of the graphics for your weeks’ worth of posts at a separate time.  By batching common tasks together, you will find that you are using your time more efficiently.  In fact, by focusing on similar tasks, you are less likely to lose your concentration and feel overwhelmed by the scope of the entire task.  You’ll notice an increased sense of productivity.  This means that you need to really deconstruct your projects and goals on your to-do list so that you can group common tasks together.  Don’t just list that you have to write a blog post.  Instead, list all of the steps that you need to get that post done like: drafting, editing, creating graphics, writing titles and headings, adding links.   Check out how  Nesha uses batching to complete her to-do list.

Ready to accomplish your to-do list?  Give it a try for a month and see the improvement in your productivity.


Blocking Schedule Format:

Next, I love to use a blocking schedule format as a strategy to get my to-do list done.  This is an easy strategy and will improve your productivity.  Increase your overall efficiency as a solopreneur with this easy step.

Here’s what you need to do.

Create a daily timetable by scheduling 90 minute blocks of work time.  Make sure to include shorter blocks of time for breaks or other daily routine items.  You may also schedule designated blocks of times for appointments or meetings.  This type of scheduling is important especially for solopreneurs working full-time from home.

What about for us who work 9-5 outside of the home?

Well, until you can make your solopreneur dream a full-time reality, you will need to schedule 90 minute blocks at the front end of your day or at the end.  As we’re hustling to build up our brand and business, we need to set designated times that we can dedicate to our solopreneur work.  What works for me is breaking up the work week with 90 minute blocks of time and also on some days, 60 minutes and 30 minute blocks of time. When I prioritize my to-do list, it’s amazing how much I can accomplish.  Easily, I can create 2 Pinterest graphics using Canva in a 30 minute block of time and a few blog post drafts in a 60 minute block of time.  I love how Alexandra describes her blocking schedule here.

These are my 2 proven steps to accomplish my to-do list.  It makes sense and it’s easy to commit to.  I feel less frustrated as I work so hard to move my solopreneur goals forward.


What are your strategies to maximize your to-do list?


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