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5 Blogs That Will Help You Be A Successful Blogger


As someone who is new to the blogging world, I know that I have SO much to learn.  Blogging is hard!  There is so much to do and learn.  For instance, you need to figure out your niche and write great content about it.  Then, you need to figure out how to brand yourself, create great graphics and promote your blog.  Also, don’t forget about knowing SEO strategies to increase your page views.  Finally, at some point you may want to monetize your site.  So, to learn how to be a great blogger I am constantly reading other blogs to improve my own knowledge.  Here are 5 blogs that will help you be a successful blogger.  These bloggers are great at what they do and offer lots of useful tips.

1. White Oak Creative:

White Oak Creative LogoLindsay is a graphic design and blog designer.  If you need specific tips about how to use WordPress, graphic designs, how to develop a killer brand and more, than you need to read the White Oak Creative blog.  I love the clean modern look of this blog.  I find that Lindsay is a very clear writer which makes her a great on-line tutor.  Regardless, if you are a new or experienced blogger, you will find useful tips here.  For instance, this post really pushes you to analyze your blogging niche and gives you great ideas to improve your branding: What’s Your Blog Design Style?


2. Bloom Hustle Grow:

Bloom Hustle Grow LogoRecently, I have been loving Mariah’s blog Bloom Hustle Grow.  She’s a very positive and empowering example of a female entrepreneur growing her own business, yet teaching others how to fulfill their entrepreneurial goals too. Her blog includes a lot of useful information on how to build your business and brand.  For instance, she offers great tips how to use social media tools, (ie: Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook) to build your network and she includes helpful information about how to improve your blog’s   SEO rankings.  In particular, what stands out to me, is Mariah’s focus on the entrepreneur’s mindset and the importance of setting goal to be most productive.  One of my favourite posts is: Why Mindset is Important to Building Your Business.

3. Twins Mommy:

Twins Mommy Blog

Elna’s blog is so much fun to read!  She has great information about blogging and how to be a freelancer.  I especially love how easy it is to relate to Elna who very honestly shares her struggles and successes with her readers.  This blog is a great resource if your want to learn how to improve your networking skills and build engagement.  I study her blog for tips on how she uses social media like Pinterest and even simple things like how she uses her sidebar to increase her readers’ engagment.    This post is a great tutorial on specific ways you can grow your email list by creating a lead magnet, or printable or video.  It’s packed with examples that you can easily try on your own blog.  A must-read blog for sure!


4. Meera Kothand

meera kothand blog

Next, I have recently discovered Meera’s blog and I’m totally impressed.  Her blog is focused on blogging tips, digital marketing and how to be successful as a solopreneur.  Her blog is a good one to study as a clear example of branding and clearly defining one’s niche.  For instance, from the header to the footer and throughout the sidebar you cannot miss the focus of her blog and her branding expertise.  All bloggers can learn from this bright solopreneur.  For example, check out this post: How to Survive Your First Opt-In Freebie and Be Successful With It.  It is not only well written but filled with ideas and examples how any blogger can create a freebie for their websites.


5. Believe In A Budget

kristin's blogAre you looking for an example of a blog that is expertly focused on its niche?  Then take a look at Kristin’s blog for excellent information about how to start a blog and get specific with your blog’s purpose.  She always has a clear focus throughout her posts.  Also, this blog is fabulous in showing how to create a monetization plan for yourself and to promote your work.  Get great ideas how to create products to make your blog profitable too!  As well, Kristin expertly shows readers how to use Pinterest to increase your blog’s visibility and engagement with your readers.

So, there are numerous great blogs out there that we can find inspiration and support from as we build our own blogs.  I’m always looking for great tips and strategies to improve my blogging experience.  As well, I’m always impressed by how open and honest other bloggers are as they share their expertise with all of us.

Which bloggers do you learn and get inspired from?  

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Elna | Twins Mommy
October 4, 2016 4:47 am


Thanks so much for featuring my blog! I’m humbled to be included in this list. Meera and Kristen I follow but will have to check out Mariah’s and Lindsay’s blogs! Thanks so much for the mention.