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51 Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurs to Boost Productivity

51 Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

I work full-time and I’m a busy mom now trying to also create a freelance business on my own.  So, finding the right balance between home and work is always a struggle.  Of course, I’m constantly trying to fit everything in on my to-do list while managing stress and my emotional well-being.  Frankly, it can become overwhelming and it’s so easy to begin feeling unmotivated.  As well, it’s so easy to get distracted from your goals!   Therefore, this go-to list of 51 self-care tips for entrepreneurs is really important to create and use in my life.

So, I try a variety of strategies to fit different parts of my personality.  Some tips get me to be more active, others fulfill my creative side and several are reminders to live healthy and to optimize my organization skills.  So, here are 51 self-care tips for entrepreneurs that will boost productivity. At any given time, I use a combination of these strategies to manage my stress and keep me motivated.  Finally, I hope you find many ideas on this list interesting and I encourage you to give them a try.

51 Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurs to Boost Productivity

  1. Schedule regular breaks throughout the day.
  2. Write down your daily, weekly and monthly tasks and goals.
  3. Also, check-off tasks completed from your to-do list to keep motivated.
  4. Create a gratitude journal and if not an entire journal then a page journal (I keep a page journal for each month and I aim to write down at least one thing that I’m grateful for each day).
  5. Practice positive affirmations each day.
  6. Watch motivating videos.
  7. Get active-walk, run, bike, jump on a trampoline!
  8. Join an activity at your local community center- great way to meet others and just get away from your work pressures as an entrepreneur.
  9. Go to your local library to take a reading break or surf the web-a different location helps your mood sometimes.
  10. Go to a local park or sit by the water somewhere where you live.
  11. Take a photograph each day.
  12. Have a coffee break or tea, or water or…
  13. Download some new music and listen to it as you get through your daily lists of tasks.
  14. Also, read a community newspaper.
  15. Visit a free neighborhood event.
  16. Connect with others in your field of work and make a buddy, someone who can relate to your stresses and challenges.
  17. As well, connect with friends and family.
  18. Add to your education, ie: sign-up for workshops, webinars, classes, etc.
  19. Try a new activity.
  20. Try a new hobby.
  21. Eat healthy snacks to keep you energized.
  22. Plan and eat regular meals throughout the day.
  23. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.
  24. Beautify your work space.
  25. Organize your work space.
  26. Get fresh stationary-always gets the creativity flowing.
  27. Journal your progress, your entrepreneurial experience.
  28. Schedule time off.
  29. Shutdown social media (pick shutdown times throughout the day).
  30. Volunteer
  31. Tidy up.
  32. Try a meditation app.  Take a Break is a great app to use for guided meditation.
  33. Add plants in your work space.
  34. Do your favorite thing i.e.: video games, read a book, take a nap, watch tv.
  35. Next, have set work hours especially if you work from home.
  36. Create a schedule and follow it.
  37. Hire a coach or mentor.
  38. Sleep.
  39. As well, if you work from home remember to get dressed each day.
  40. Seek counselling if you’re feeling very anxious and stressed.
  41. Write down 10 ways that to relax.
  42. Create an inspirational vision board.
  43. Network.
  44. Also, read or watch videos on YouTube about how to create a growth mindset.
  45. Work in a new environment i.e.: public library, park, coffee shop, college campus.
  46. Celebrate each accomplishment regardless how big or small (i.e.: special treat).
  47. Every 4-6 weeks do a “start, stop, continue” reflection to review your progress and reevaluate your business goals.
  48. Laugh (watch funny videos, sitcoms, read comics, meet friends).
  49. Burn some scented candles.
  50. Intentionally reduce stress by practicing breathing techniques.
  51. Finally, focus on what you enjoy doing and smile each day!

At all times, self-care is important for each one of us!  Therefore, I hope that these 51 self-care tips for entrepreneurs will keep you motivated and organized as you develop your business plan.  But also, I’m sure that these tips will help you achieve balance between your personal and professional life.

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Finally, I would love to hear from you about your best self-care tips.  How do you keep work and your personal life in balance?  

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