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Best Email Marketing Tips to Grow Your Small Business

So, you’ve started your own business and you’re ready to offer your great products or services?  Now what?

Well, a clear and well-structured marketing plan is your next step.  More specifically,  you need a well laid out email marketing strategy.  So, here are the best email marketing tips to grow your small business.

Best email marketing tips for entrerpreneurs



It is!

Here is a snapshot of how you can start email marketing today to secure great results for your business.

What Is Email Marketing?

Simply put, email marketing is a direct way that you will find your clients.  Also, email marketing will help you build a loyal client base by sending out regular, well planned commercial emails to potential customers.

Why Is Email Marketing So Effective?

  • Super cost-effective
  • Easy way to connect with your targeted audience
  • Keep your customers updated and informed
  • Helps you brand your product or service
  • Makes your business look professional
  • Connect with mobile users worldwide
  • Efficient form of communication
  • Encourage customer engagement and interaction
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Effectively monitor your marketing campaign and analyze your “return on investment”
  • Can segment or organize your email list based on customers’ interests, needs, spending habits, etc.
  • Almost everyone has access to an email address
  • Encourage further social media sharing.

Also, when email marketing, your goal is to increase sales or increase use of your services.  A successful email marketing plan will increase your business branding.  As well, you will strengthen your relationships and loyalty with your customers.  Therefore, consider the next question.

What Can Be Included In Email Marketing?

  • New and current products or services that are available
  • Sales and promotions
  • Contests
  • Newsletters
  • Create a series
  • Offer downloads or ebooks or other online resources
  • Surveys
  • Social media sharing
  • Reorder or reminder emails
  • Helpful tips
  • Testimonial emails and reviews
  • Include a “Call to Action” option (ie: sign-up, read more, share, buy now, download, get your freebie, watch the video, etc)

What Are You Waiting For?

So, it’s time to show your unique personality and brand your business or services.  Finally, it’s time to connect with your audience and extend your customer reach.

Some email marketing providers that you may want to try are Mailchimp, Aweber, G Suite by Google, Get Response, and Campaign Monitor.  What I love about these providers is that they offer reasonable start-up pricing options for the small business owner to try.

What email marketing provider do you use?  Have you been successful using a “Call to Action”?

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