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7 Secrets To Self-Promotion

Self-promotion is probably the most challenging aspect to building a brand and moving your business plan forward.  I know it’s the scariest part for me!  However, there are strategies to self-promotion that will help you overcome some of your doubts and make you successful in promoting yourself and your business.  I have narrowed down these strategies to 7 secrets to self-promotion.

There’s no easy fix to make self-promotion easier.  Why is promoting your business so difficult? For me, I don’t think it’s a natural part of my personality.  It’s hard for me to confidently talk about what I’m working on.  I’m not an extrovert at all so I really need to have strategies in my pocket that I can rely on that will help me purposefully take intentional actions to self-promote a new idea, or blog post or service.  For others, negative comments from others or the fear of failing makes self-promotion SO challenging.

7 Secrets to Self-Promotion


Is this a secret? No!  But, knowing your target audience is key to self-promotion.  You really need to take time to develop relationships with your audience and research as much as you can about the people that your brand will attract.  The more you know about the people that visit your website, the easier it is to brand your product or service to meet their needs and interests.  Really… the bottom line is to meet the needs of your client base.   Learn about your audience by:

  • Using surveys on your site
  • Ask questions to encourage engagement
  • Pay attention to comments left on your site
  • Use social media analytical tools
  • Analyze Google Analytics

Break down the information that these tools provide.  Pay attention to what your audience is attracted to on your site.  Where is your audience from? When do they visit your site and what device do they use?  All of this information can help you to understand your audience so that you can create specific content that is catered to your audience.


Move away from a selling mindset to a value mindset.  You need to constantly reflect on your audience and as you get to know what their interests, needs and problems are, your content will be more reflective of this understanding.  You’ll begin to see a greater response from your audience because your content is actually meeting their needs or providing solutions to their everyday problems.  Being confident about the value that you are providing to your customers will translate into more success when self-promoting your business!


A growth mindset is key to every aspect of your life and if used, will lead to greater success and sense of accomplishment in both your personal and professional life.  Psychologist, Dr. Carol Dweck developed the idea of a growth mindset.  It is described as an attitude or an internal conversation that we all have that influences how we approach new situations, challenges and failures.  Those of us who approach situations with a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset, take risks and persevere when challenges are difficult.  Ok…so what?  You need to believe that just because you cannot do something now or accomplish a task now, that with effort and perseverance, you will be able to achieve your goals.  As you’re developing your business or taking steps to be an entrepreneur, you will need to have a growth mindset attitude particularly when you’re self-promoting.


Don’t reinvent the wheel!  There are so many experts in all areas of business that are available to learn from.  With the internet and social media, we all know that information is at our finger tips-endless amounts of information!  So, find some experts in your area and learn everything from them.  Read their information, study their techniques and then try to use their strategies slowly, one at a time.  Find experts that approach their niche or business areas in slightly different ways so that you can have a varied range of information.  As I build my brand, I spend countless hours reading information and tips from others to help me build upon my own knowledge base.  I know these hours of learning will pay off as I continue to build my brand!


Reach out to these experts and ask questions.  Building relationships with a few experts that are consistent and you trust will help you to build self-confidence as you move forward with promoting your business.  Try to network on social media or attend workshops and conferences to meet people from whom you can learn.  You can’t do this alone!  Having someone that you trust and can reach out to brainstorm, ask questions, look for advice is invaluable.   This will help you to build courage and keep you motivated to move forward with your own business goals- whether they are small or large.  This is now easier than ever with Facetime, webinars, podcasts…you don’t even have to leave your home!


Want to know the most important secret to self-promotion?  Are you ready? Giving yourself positive affirmations every day and throughout the day is crucial to your business success.  As you’re building your business, you will undoubtedly face challenges and roadblocks.  You may face negativity from others and actually add to negative thinking yourself.  Catch yourself!  You have to stop from falling into negative thinking and turn it around.  You have to find successes in your efforts even the tiniest.  Hold on to the positive feelings that you get from these small successes and move forward.  Find positive quotes and affirmations in books and the internet.  Post them around your work space or as your desktop wallpaper.  Revisit them!  Each challenge is a learning moment and you need to see it and believe it to be true!  Positive affirmations for yourself is the secret to self-promotion!


Ultimately, to be confident in self-promotion you need to be very intentional in goal-setting.  The more specific you are about your business long term and short term goals, the more clarity you will have around your business plan.  This is needed in order to be effective in self-promotion.  Also, when setting goals for your business, take time to set goals specifically about 1) understanding your target audience and 2) steps you’ll take in self-promotion.  Write down your long term goals for establishing your target audience and what self-promotion will look like when your branding your business.  Then break these down into actionable short-term goals that you can track, revisit and review.  As you check off items in your short-term goal list, you will gradually develop confidence, increased skill and understanding and see positive results as your business grows.

Secrets To Self-Promotion

So, the 7 secrets to self-promotion that entrepreneurs need to know are:

  1. Know Your Target Audience
  2. Don’t Focus on the Outcome
  3. Develop a Growth Mindset
  4. Learn From Role Models
  5. Find a Buddy or Coach
  6. Positive Affirmations
  7. All About Goal-Setting.

Regardless, if you’re an extrovert or more shy, these strategies, when used intentionally will help you feel more confident about your work.  As you move forward and develop your skills in these areas, you will find greater positive response from your audience!

What strategies do you have when you’re focused on self-promotion?  Leave me a question or comment.

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