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DIY Faux Marble Cutting Board for $4

faux marble cutting board

When entertaining family and friends, I love to provide a variety snacks and treats for everyone to enjoy.  I try to put in some effort to display the foods in appealing ways.  Currently, using a variety of cutting boards to displays snacks is very trendy.  There is a great variety of boards: various woods, marble and other stones.  Some can be quite expensive. So, what about a DIY cutting board?

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DIY Projects

How To Make A DIY Purse Hanger

I love crafty DIY projects that I can do to add décor and personality to my home.  Recently, I did a closet makeover because well…it was atrociously disorganized.  Somehow I always seem to struggle to keep everything organized and designating areas for certain items.  Where can I store my scarves, out of season clothing, jewelry, purses?  It’s endless!  Unfortunately, I don’t have a massively large closet, so I have to be very creative in finding storage solutions for all of my different items, and let’s not forget… my husband’s things too!  I also still want to create a space that is pretty and stylish.

how to make a diy purse hanger

So today I want to share a quick DIY project that I put together as a stylish way to store my purses.  After searching Pinterest, I found endless beautiful drawer pull purse hangers that I thought I could easily and affordably duplicate the look.

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DIY Projects


My children over the years have brought home many pieces of art work that they created at school.  There’s only so much that you can post on the side of the fridge.  I have always loved my children’s creativity and the pride they take in their artwork, so why not find creative ways to display their art more permanently around the home?


My children are four years apart and attended the same elementary school.  When they were in grade one, their teachers’ took the students to a local art gallery where they made different pieces of art. Both children brought home a small art picture that they made using plasticine.  I decided to frame them using IKEA’s Ribba frames in black.  I wrote their names and the year when they completed the art in the bottom right corner.  I hung them simply on a small wall space in my master bedroom.  My son is now in Grade 11 and my daughter is in Grade 7, yet many years later, these grade 1 creations still bring a smile on my face and remind me happily of many memories.  This is an example how I display my children’s art around the house.

how to display children's art
display of children’s art at home

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