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How To Make A DIY Purse Hanger

I love crafty DIY projects that I can do to add décor and personality to my home.  Recently, I did a closet makeover because well…it was atrociously disorganized.  Somehow I always seem to struggle to keep everything organized and designating areas for certain items.  Where can I store my scarves, out of season clothing, jewelry, purses?  It’s endless!  Unfortunately, I don’t have a massively large closet, so I have to be very creative in finding storage solutions for all of my different items, and let’s not forget… my husband’s things too!  I also still want to create a space that is pretty and stylish.

how to make a diy purse hanger

So today I want to share a quick DIY project that I put together as a stylish way to store my purses.  After searching Pinterest, I found endless beautiful drawer pull purse hangers that I thought I could easily and affordably duplicate the look.

Decide on Space and Size of Purse Hanger

First, I decided where in my closet I would hang my drawer pull purse hanger.  After deciding on the location, I decided on the size of board that I would need.  I used a 1 by 4 board (you can get from your local hardware store) and I cut it into 3 separate boards measuring 2 feet each. My plan was to arrange them vertically, one above the other.


Then I added some colour to the boards by spray painting them.  I used black, white, gold and silver.  I just sprayed them very abstractly and added more silver to the edges.  Try to spray certain spots more heavily to create contrast.

I then went to my local Home Depot to purchase 5 different pulls.  I knew that each board would have 5 pulls so I needed 15 in total.  Drawer pulls can be expensive, so to keep this project cost effective, I purchased pulls at different price points.  I probably spent about $25 in total.  Some pulls are plain and a few are decorative to make the boards pop.

purse hanger pulls

Install Purse Hanger

To fasten the pulls to the boards, I first lay the boards down on the floor and placed the pulls on them, scattering the styles of the pulls until I was happy with the way everything looked.  I found the middle of each board and that was the starting point for placing the pulls.  Try to space them evenly across the board.

diy purse hanger installed

Screw in the pulls and hang them on the wall and you’re done.  You can either directly screw the board from the front of the board if you want to see the screw.  I chose this method because I wanted the boards to look a bit more rustic.  Alternatively, you can get hangers and screw them to the back of the boards so that the front has a cleaner look.

I love my purse drawer pull hanger!  It was a fast project and just jazzes up the look of my closet.  You can hang scarves or jewelry.  Be creative!

diy purse hanger


Please leave a comment to let me know that you’ve visited and what you think of this DIY project.  What DIY projects are your favourites?  What storage organization tips can you share?


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