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Simple DIY “Thankful” Burlap Sign

simple DIY "thankful" burlap sign

I’m always looking for easy but beautiful DIY projects to add in my house.  During fall especially, I like to add some natural rustic elements throughout my home.  I always try to keep my seasonal decor as simple as possible.  At the same time, I find that during the fall season,  I’m more reflective and appreciative of the blessings in my family and life.   So, today I would love to share a simple DIY project that adds fall decor to my home, but also reminds me of all the things that I’m grateful for in my life.  Check out this simple DIY “thankful” burlap sign.  It’s easy to create, you can add it anywhere in your home and it is quite pretty when it’s hanging.

Simple DIY “Thankful” Burlap Sign

You only need a few materials to get this project done:

  • Sharpie or permanent marker
  • Roll of burlap garland
  • Twine
  • Decor leaves

Are you ready to make you’re own simple DIY “thankful” burlap sign? Simply, decide where you plan to hang your sign or banner.  I decided to place it across a long mirror in my front hall way above a console table.  The sign will be part of my fall table decor in this space.

Next, find a quote, fall saying or other inspirational word (s) of your choice.  Since, I want my fall sign to tie into my decor for thanksgiving, I chose the word “thankful” for my banner.

Then, I found a font that I wanted to replicate and I spaced out the word across the burlap garland.  By the way, my banner is 3 feet long.  I added some faux decor leaves to the ends of the banner for some colour.  Finally, I threaded some twine across the top of the sign that I would use to hang the sign onto the mirror.

simple diy "thankful" burlap sign

Here are a few pictures of the my simple DIY “thankful” burlap sign hanging in the front hall way.  I love the simplicity of this sign.  As soon as you walk into the house, you’re reminded to be grateful and thankful for all of your blessings in your life.  I truly believe in positive affirmations and this is an important one to focus on.

simple diy "thankful" burlap sign

simple diy "thankful" burlap sign

So, I’m loving all of the fall decor projects that so many creative people are sharing across social media.   Finally,  I would love to hear about what fall decor projects you are working on.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

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