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How To Create a Stylish Home Office on a Budget

Know the Purpose of the Room

I’m ready to update my home work space which will be used as a multipurpose space.  It will be an office for me but also a sitting room where my family can sit and relax, read a book, do homework or listen to music.  The space is not very large.  It’s only 10 x 12 feet and it’s off the main hall of the first floor.  So, it’ll be very visible.   First of all, when considering how to create a stylish home office on a budget, I know that I first need to clarify how the room will be used in the family.  The purpose of the room is very important as the first step in planning the makeover.

Already, my dining room, which is across from this office is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter.   I’m slowly lightening the colours throughout my home and moving to more gray tones.  At this point, I’ve scraped the ceiling smooth and painted the office space in Behr’s Winds Breath. It’s barely a gray but lightens up the room incredibly which only has one small window that brings in some natural light.  My next step is to look for inspiration looks which I will use to guide my design plan.

Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter                                  

Revere Pewter                                                        Winds Breath

Home Office Inspiration Look

As I create my inspiration board for the room I know that I need to plan for:

  • storage space for books and papers.
  • Also, I need storage space for CDs, vinyls and our stereo system.
  • Comfortable seating options so that a few people can gather.
  • As well, I need some kind of table surface to work on a laptop or do homework, but not necessarily a desk.

I want the room to have a very light, airy look.  Currently, I’m super attracted to Scandinavian looks.  I’m trying to create a very monochromatic room with light grays and whites with a touch of natural textures to add dimension and interest to the space.

The room will be a combination of new pieces and vintage touches.  In addition, I want to makeover the entire space for under $1,500.  This is a huge challenge!  So I will be sourcing my items from various places.  Here are some of my inspiration looks.  I can’t wait to keep you updated with my progress.

office inspiration collage




Source 1                   Source 3                  Source 5

Source 2                   Source 4                 Source 6


How To Create a Stylish Home Office on a Budget

To sum up, when decorating any space in my home while on a tight budget, I follow these tips to keep me on track:

  1. Identify the purpose of the room-How will the space be used?
  2. Plan out areas of the room and what pieces of furniture are needed.
  3. Find inspiration looks (Pinterest, magazines, internet, friends, etc).
  4. Set your budget.
  5. Prioritize your spending, (ie: furniture pieces, decor, renovating, lighting, accessories).
  6. Source out your decor items and furniture (stores, big box stores, Kijiji, thrift stores, garage sales, etc).
  7. Decide what you will purchase new, what will be recycled/re-purposed.
  8. Complete makeover in stages if necessary.
  9. Be creative and have fun!

So, how do you plan a makeover in your home?  What tips do you have to stay on a budget?  As well, feel free to leave a comment.  I would love to hear from you!

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