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Wednesday Wonderings- 5 Fall Home Tours

5 fall home tours

It’s so incredible what great ideas you can find across social media these days!  For instance, I love peeking into other peoples’ homes and finding great decor and design ideas to try.  Currently, I’m loving all of the fall home tours that people are sharing.  So, this week I’m sharing Wednesday Wonderings-5 fall home tours you will love.  I hope you enjoy these homes as much as I do!

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Biz Tips

5 Blogs That Will Help You Be A Successful Blogger


As someone who is new to the blogging world, I know that I have SO much to learn.  Blogging is hard!  There is so much to do and learn.  For instance, you need to figure out your niche and write great content about it.  Then, you need to figure out how to brand yourself, create great graphics and promote your blog.  Also, don’t forget about knowing SEO strategies to increase your page views.  Finally, at some point you may want to monetize your site.  So, to learn how to be a great blogger I am constantly reading other blogs to improve my own knowledge.  Here are 5 blogs that will help you be a successful blogger.  These bloggers are great at what they do and offer lots of useful tips.

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Maple Brown Sugar Mini Donuts for Fall

maple brown sugar mini donuts

Fall has arrived and at home it’s time to embrace everything about the season.  From home decor to fashion to baking and cooking-it’s fall-inspired for sure.  So, this means for me that it’s time to do a little baking around here to make sure everyone is in the mood for fall too.  I recently purchased a mini donut pan and have been wanting to use it.  As well, I found cute fall sprinkles to add to my decorations.  There’s no better time then right now.  So here’s an incredibly easy recipe to try for some yummy donuts that everyone will love.  See how quickly they’ll disappear into your family’s bellies.  First, follow the simple recipe for tasty maple brown sugar mini donuts.  Then, use your creativity and have fun decorating.

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DIY Projects

Creative Fall DIY Projects to Inspire You

This week is the first week of fall and like many others I am definitely getting in the mood to enjoy the season.  I love getting inspired by so many talented people who are creating exciting and stylish projects to decorate their homes with.  Each year, I love to bring the fall season into my home with a few fall inspired projects.  Personally, I like to keep my seasonal decorations to a minimum and I like those best that can be easily added to my existing decor.  So, I’ve been searching high and low throughout Pinterest for creative fall DIY projects to inspire you.  Are you ready?  Here are my favorites:

12 DIY Fall Projects

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