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8 Ways to Manage Stress Today

Do you know how to manage stress after a busy day? Life is busy, hectic, one to-do list after another.  Nowadays, it doesn’t really matter how old or young you are, you’re going to feel stressed out.  As parents, we do this to our children at a very young age by scheduling a myriad of activities throughout the week.  As adults, we’re managing lots of activities in different parts of our life, i.e.: career, managing the home, caring for children or older parents, finances, etc.  It’s endless!

8 ways to manage stress today

During the school year, it’s not unusual to still be in the kitchen at 9 p.m. still cleaning up or making lunches for the next day while mentally planning out the next day’s to-do list.  When I touch base with my neighbours, friends and colleagues, I’m sadly not surprised to find out that many others are experiencing the same thing as me.

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