15 Tips to Stay Healthy this Fall

The weather will quickly change around here and as much as I love the fall season, it’s a tricky time to stay healthy.  Somehow, this time of the year is also a new beginning for so many of us as we’re sending children back to school, or fall activities are gearing up or we ourselves are trying new activities and classes.  It’s easy to not take care of ourselves and fall into bad habits.  I also find for so many people that as the weather get cooler and the days get shorter, their moods change.  We have less energy and feel increasingly tired.   So let’s avoid this and make it our best fall season yet.  Here are 15 tips to stay healthy this fall.  Give them a try.

15 Tips To Stay Healthy This Fall

Essential Oils

It’s fun to try to include some essential oils into your lifestyle.  The scents of some essential oils have calming effects on your mood and can help you to improve your sleep.  Some essential oils are known for their ability to boost your immunity or improve your digestion.  My favorites are oil of oregano for its immunity boosting qualities.  Let’s be real…it tastes awful but I find that it really does help to prevent a cold from coming on.  I love lavender and chamomile essential oils to help create a relaxing environment.  I will add a few drops to my bath water or a few drops to my sheets or drawers.  As well, I like lemon essential oils to help detox my system and improve digestion.   For more information about essential oils and how to add them to your lifestyle, check out Jena at Cleans the New Black.

Essential Oils for Beginners, learn the basics to essential oils


Boost Immunity

As well, as the weather changes our immunity starts to weaken.  So, during fall, it’s important to try different strategies that will boost your immunity.  I love trying different teas that have been known to improve your immunity.  Some to try are: dandelion, chamomile, ginger tea with some cayenne, and white sage.  What are your favorites? I found Deborah’s information at Hello Glow very useful when learning about different teas and their health benefits.

Cozy Up

Fall is definitely a season when you want to cozy up and get comfortable close to home.  It’s a perfect time to get a new pair of warm PJs and slippers.  I love to add cozy throws in different parts of the house too to snuggle up with.

Get Your Zzzzs

The best defense from getting sick with colds and flues is by making sure that you’re getting enough sleep.  Somehow, our schedules ramp up after summer, so it’s important to ensure that you set a evening routine and set your bedtime.  Keep it consistent.


Another strategy that I love this time of year is creating some colorful and inspirational printables that I could frame and place in my work space and around my home.  Finding a great quote or a seasonal saying is a fun way to get in the spirit of autumn and keeps you thinking positive and optimistic.  Look at this one that Ann On Sutton Place has created!

fall printable


I love this tip!  Try to look past your own situation and find ways to contribute in your community.  Depending on your schedule, it can be something you do regularly or once/twice during the season. Consider volunteering some time at a neighborhood school, church or nursing home.  Or volunteer at a food bank.  As well, just donating some food or gently used clothes is a great way to contribute to your community.  Keeping things in perspective and doing for others is a great way to stay grateful and healthy.

Go Outside

What a great time to go outside and enjoy nature!  Fall is a beautiful time to go out for a walk, run or bike ride.  Go collecting some leaves or simply take a walk through a park.  Relax and unwind by spending some time outdoors.  This is great for your overall well-being- physical and emotional!

Fall Inspired Hot Drinks

Next, I love a hot fall-inspired drink.  The smells and tastes associated with fall are unbeatable.  Instantly, a great latte or hot tea helps you unwind.  Why not try a pumpkin spiced latte  or a hot apple cider?  Enjoy!

Keep Hydrated

Staying hydrated especially when the weather cools is especially important to stay healthy.  Keep your immunity high from colds and flus by drinking lots of water.  Tired of water?  Then I would suggest adding some flavors to jazz things up.  Here are some fall water flavors to keep you interested: cinnamon pear ginger, cranberry orange and apple cinnamon.

Fall Plants and Greenery

I love all of the rusty warm colors that are associated with fall.  Of course, I try to add a variety of plants to my outdoor fall décor such as: mums, grasses, and kale.  But, I also try to include some of these plants indoors as well.


Also, fall is a good time of the year to try to incorporate some new habits to keep you healthy.  Meditation is a simple way to help you learn how to manage your stress by practicing deep breathing exercises.  Nowadays, the beginner can find simple exercises on YouTube or downloading an app that will walk you through a short mediation activity.  Give it a try.  It’s super important to find different methods to manage our stress level as part of our healthy living strategy.

Schedule Downtime

I always plan in my head to take some time for myself whether it’s to go for a walk or read a book or simply just sit down and watch a movie.  However, your intentions can easily be forgotten when you’re busy managing your day-to-day life. So, an important strategy is to actually write down “downtimes” in a planner.  The simple physical act of scheduling downtime will increase the chance of you taking the necessary downtime that you need.


Another healthy living tip includes doing some stretching.  It’s important to stretch for your physical well-being, but it also helps you to unwind and manage stress.  Again, in today’s digital world, there are endless ways to learn some easy stretching exercises to get you started.  Schedule 10-15 minutes each day to do some stretching.

Social Time

Stay healthy simply by spending time with family and friends.  Find fun ways to stay engaged with others.  Fall is a beautiful time to find opportunities to get outside with others.  My favorite ideas include apple-picking, collecting leaves, maybe horseback riding or visiting community fall fairs.

Be Grateful

Be intentional and make an effort to be mindfully grateful for the positive things and people in your life. At the end of each day, I like to take a few minutes and remember 3 things that I enjoyed about the day, or felt successful about.  Take it one step further and start a gratitude journal.   Jill Conyers has some easy tips to start a gratitude journal.

how to make a gratitude journal


So, these are my favorite 15 tips to stay healthy this fall and therefore enjoy this incredible season.  Now it’s your turn.  What tips and tricks do you have to keep yourself and your family healthy during the fall season?

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